There are a very comfortable means with which you can get a visa on arrival to Vietnam. The visa will be issued to you when you fill and submit the visa on arrival form Vietnam. This visa on arrival is usually issued to travelers coming to Vietnam for holidaying or tourist purposes. On the other hand, getting a working visa in Vietnam may require that you pay a visit to the country’s consulate office or embassy with all the necessary documents. If perchance you plan to make it a very short visit, then you can arrange for a Vietnamese visa on arrival with your travel agent.

The Vietnam visa policy gives a description of the tourist visa as an entry requirement for individuals that desire to visit the country for tourist purposes. The visa falls under the departments C1 category, which strictly applies to international tourists visiting the country. In addition, you can use the tourist visa for category C2 purposes, this strictly applies to people that are making their way into the country to conduct research or coming to see relatives.

It is much easier for you to get a visa on arrival that is pre-arranged online than visiting the consulate office or embassy. Nonetheless, you will need to prepare and submit your online application right before you leave for Vietnam. This process is somewhat similar to the embassy application but you will do it from the comfort of your office or your home.

Majority of the visitors that come to Vietnam require a visa whenever they enter the country. Visas are somewhat excused for the peoples of the countries that have a bilateral or unilateral agreement with Vietnam for visa exemption. The validity of Vietnamese visa is for about 15 to 30 working days.

Visa exemption:

Vietnamese people that own foreign passports and have foreigners as their wives, husbands, and children are relieved from the visa requirements to gain entry into Vietnam and they are permitted to stay for at most 90 days. If you want to be granted certificates for visa exemption at Vietnamese representative offices overseas, there are certain conditions you need to meet:

Foreign-issued PRC (Permanent Residence Certificate) that is valid for at least five months from the date of entrance.

The appropriate authorities in Vietnam grant the Visa exemption paper (VEP). Those who want to stay for more than the 90 days must apply for the visa according to the stipulations made right before they enter.

Bilateral visa exemption agreement:

Citizens of Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Laos that hold valid passports are relieved from the visa requirements and are permitted to stay for at most 30 days.

Citizens of Bulgaria, China, Kyrgyzstan, Romania and North Korea that own valid passports for official missions and the citizens of the 52 countries that own official passports or valid diplomatic are relieved from the visa requirements for entry. The duration one can stay is stipulated in different cases.

The Visa is issued at the consulates offices or Vietnamese diplomatic offices in foreign countries. Vietnamese international travel companies or Vietnamese competent agencies issue the Visa at the border gates to the people that were offered invitations by a tourist in the tours organized.

Application files for a visa: the entrance application in most especially printed form; with two 4×6 cm photographs; passport and fee for the issuance of the visa.

Visa extension: This is actually served by all international travel companies.