Do you want to attend an indie film festival? If so you should consider the following ones:

  1. Berlin (Germany)

This has become one of the top movie events and attracts moviemakers from around the world every year. There have been some questions in recent years about the program. However, it’s still one of the most popular film festivals in the world. Time will tell if the festival regains the footing it’s lost in recent years. However, it’s possible due to the avant-garde approach it takes.

  1. Cannes (France)

This is one of the best know film festivals in the entire world. One of the reasons this is often considered the top international festival is that it’s outside the US so in theory, it will by definition be more international than indie film festivals in the US. Another issue is that it’s also in a different country than Hollywood, which is in many ways the antithesis of everything indie films represent.

This festival attracts the top directors and indie filmmakers in the world. There’s a big debate among fans of film festivals about whether Cannes or Sundance is better. However, it’s safe to say that Cannes is generally considered the best international film festival.

  1. Sundance (USA)

This is easily the most critical film festival in the US. The festival gives awards for the top US and global films in the categories of dramas and documentaries. It represents the US indie film movement in many ways. For example, part of the festival’s goals is to promote Utah filmmakers. This represents US filmmakers who want to make quality movies but don’t want to be in the Hollywood system.

  1. Toronto (Canada)

This event is often used to launch new fall movies. It’s also considered one of the most important film festivals in North America. It includes movies from old and new filmmakers. Many of the films presented at this event just made their premiere at the Venice festival.

An importing issue to remember is that Toronto attracts much of the North American film festival. This is critical for various reasons including the fact that the Oscars are just one season away from the Toronto festival.

  1. Venice (Italy)

This is one of the biggest film festivals in Europe. The August/September festival is a big event. It includes stars, parties, and other elements that make it an extravaganza. Not only that but it’s also the time many filmmakers showcase their new fall movies.

The festival includes both mainstream and indie films. It’s arguably a better event than the Toronto festival. However, many people in the North American film festival would rather wait for the Canadian festival due to the lower expense. That’s one of the main benefits over the Venice festival.

These are some of the top indie film festivals throughout the world. The events include both mainstream and independent films. However, if you’re a fan of indie films then you should definitely consider attending one or all of these events. They help to celebrate the global indie film “movement.”