Top 10

“We the Animals”

Born in the wild but rear like a human – this is an adventurous tale!

"Support the Girls"

A comedy film by the girls, in the favor of girls, and for the entertainment of girls.

"Private Life"

Full of secrets and silly actions show how life can be mysterious in its own way.

"First Reformed"

Reformation has no bounds even if it is for the first time!


A mysterious transformation that leads one to some other world where no machines or humans exist.


A story of black man that shows how being black is a boon even in today’s time.

"Madeline's Madeline"

A feminine saga that shows pride, confidence, optimism in all unfavorable situations.


Horror can be horrible and terrible that has no limits – check out!


A passionate search can make all impossible possible.

"Free Solo"

Efforts have no bounds when you are alone in the journey of life, which is simply advantageous.