Among the most well-known handbags is Gucci. They have a beautiful look and are well designed. They are prepared well and denote what the company stands for. Normally, it is people who have enough wealth and are trendy are the one you see carrying a Gucci bag. They are well prepared and has a long lifespan which made it worth the money, so how can you purchase an original Gucci bags cheap?

To start with, when you are looking for a Gucci, to check if the zipper is genuine. The lower part of the Zipper is designed with a Gucci logo that is very clear. Majority of the imitation, do take cognizance of the zipper and design a very different logo.

Furthermore, every Gucci bag has a tag inside it with the serial number of the bag. It also comes with a card of authentication like every other Gucci bags and the card carries the serial number as well. If the numbers do not match, you know you have found a fake one.

Also, the Gucci bags has an amazing stitching style that is always equal and very nice. If you see any that the stitches are not equal, you have a found a fake majorly because the cost of producing it is less expensive, they not spend quality time to do the appropriate thing.

Select the right colour

Before going out to buy a Gucci bag you have to stop and think about the clothes we have in our wardrobe and depending on them choose the color of the bag that will serve to complement the looks we make with those clothes.

If we want to be practical, the neutral colours are always going to be a success, the bags in brown, black, nude or gray will help us to wear them with multiple looks.

For summer we can have a bag of colours more cheerful and flashy but at best we will have one since apart from that it will be more difficult to combine it, we will not give so much use and it does not make sense to collect many colourful bags.

And of course, if we talk about colours and want to go perfectly we will also take into account our skin type because for people who are warm skin, your main bag (which gives more use) must be of the best possible quality and of brown color and on the contrary for the people of cold skin the bag where they must invest more will be black.

Pick one to fit your body type

The Gucci bag we choose has to complement our body’s physical shape.

If we are tall and thin, we can opt for large bags with long straps.

If we are short, the bags that are going to favour us the most are those of small or medium size with straps that are not too long so that we do not fall too much and make us look smaller.

It is important that we notice that depending on the height of our body where we carry the bag can help draw more attention to an area that we may want to go unnoticed, for example, if we have accentuated hips, our bag should never be up to par. our hips as it will draw more attention to that area. The bags that reach the height of the waist and are not large contribute to stylize the figure.

Choose the right material

Here it will depend on the budget that we have to allocate to the purchase of our Gucci bag, in my opinion is that it is preferable to have few but of good quality that many and of poor quality and above all take into account the above if we can only invest in one that is the one that corresponds to our colours, our body type and it adapts to your own personal style too.

Bag build and finishing

Before acquiring our Gucci bag, we will pay attention to the finishes, to the seams, if it is a large bag where we will surely put many things that the handles are not too thin and how they are sewn so that they can hold weight, also for those that usually wear enough things in the bag, it is very practical to carry compartments on the inside.