On social media kassel, people usually get together for fun. But there are also those who are here to express their views on any area of ​​their life. These “socialists” often lie in the stomach. Not because we can not deal with them but because they bring us extra work.

Comments and messages on client social networks are my everyday morning routine. I begin to work on my workday. Comments and messages. I usually know how to react to them right away, but some still keep me surprised. Almost every client page finds a person who has a personal problem with the topic.

Let me start with the kind of “commentator” that is not dangerous. The comments under the comments he considers life. Over a selected daily theme, or virtually anything. The basis of his work is to write. The most.

Another harmless type of commentator is the one in his own world. These people do not usually know how social networks work, where they write to friends about their birthdays, or how to tag them in a friend’s comment that they want to address.

Since many social networking competitions are now being made subject to sharing, people have just learned it. They are looking forward to every competition that comes and the text is no longer read. And so under each competition you will find at least one comment “I share”. You can delete, hide, or do nothing with such comments. Still, the rhymes are richer. I too often meet with them.

We finally got to the category you’re most curious about. Notorious haters are found everywhere. Although initially all looks beautiful and pink, they will come. Wait for them. Keep your cool head, do not fall on your mind and think. The comments that are bad could easily go worse. Try to answer the negative comments as soon as possible. You never know if there is another destroyer of a good name waiting for the first step. And it encourages the act of another…

It is said that even the master of a carpenter will be knocked down, but there are no mistakes on social networks. They are full of always prepared grammar policemen who have the grammar and spelling in their little finger (not only). Strips, accents, stylistics, and even a dot before the smiley. Be careful, avoid annoyance. It is good to respond to such comments with a nice thank you for noting your mistake. The commentator is satisfied that you have acknowledged his truth and you are satisfied that the text is now alright.

The out of topic man is this person who goes to social networks to look for posts where they can show their wisdom. It’s something like a grammar cop. It demonstrates its expertise where it is not needed at all.

Now, considering the fact that you need to maintain a reputation, you might as well think before you click. Here are the following tips that can help you in handling social media commentators.

  1. Keep Calm

You need to stay calm. Even if the commentator starts spouting things off-grid, you should maintain your composure and try not to pick a fight with them. They wrote down the comment because they wanted someone to notice them and when you fall into their trap, you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle of fighting over the screen.

If you are offended by the comment of a certain person, do not bring your fingers to the keyboard to type away your feelings. Instead, pull yourself up from your seat, pace around the room for a while, and calm down. After that, you can either say thank you or just ignore them.

  1. Ignore them

As what we’ve mentioned above, the art of ignoring is effective to keep your business’ reputation clean. It’s the safest way to get away from the dreadful comments they leave upon reading your content. Now, ignoring social media commentators also create the idea that you are not brave enough to face them.

If these commentators continue to bug you and challenge you, never fight back. It’s their way of luring you into an endless fight online. Let them prove their point on the comment box but do not stoop down their level. These commentators find satisfaction if the author or publisher replied on the comments and defended themselves, finding loopholes and so on.

  1. Be polite

If you really want to reply to their comments, then you should be polite. No matter how much it offended you, don’t forget to greet them nicely before you get to their point using formal words. It may irritate them, but maintain your composure. Some of these social media commentators will not bother replying you back if they can see that you’re not in a fight. It’s also a way of maintaining your professionalism that can otherwise improve your reputation if other people see how you handle your clients.

  1. View it holistically

If you are going to get carried away by your emotions, you are putting your business website in great danger. View every situation holistically, especially if you are checking comments and messages every day. What made the client say this comment to you? Maybe you can use it to improve your content the next time around, so they have nothing to say. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you like what you are reading or seeing? Perhaps it’s your mistake after all that provoke them to write such comment.

Social media commentators are always around. Hateful bashers make a good show for most of the users in social media. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to handling different kinds of social media commentators. Even if they sound unreasonable, look on the brighter side. These commentators an even help you improve your website, after all, no matter the hateful bashes.