Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack is as cheap as it’s versatile and powerful. This jack would simply lift the load of motorcycles, cars, trucks, and ATVs. You will be able to carry out your work with replacing and removing vehicle transmissions, and differentials too. With the Powerbuilt 620422E, the lifting capacity is 4000lbs.

This strong heavy duty jack possesses a patented Triple Lift design that provides you with the ability and capability to remove the lift saddle and possesses padded lift rails. This construction prompts the jack to be more flexible and will let it be utilized with various types of vehicle frames.

There is a locking safety bar that makes sure that the jack stable is held in its place after the vehicle has been lifted by the jack. You won’t experience any problems with this jack when it aids the loaded vehicle on its stands.

Designed from the most dependable materials, you can be very certain that this jack will keep you secure through its safety bar that could be locked to hold the load after it has been raised.


  • Lifts ATVs, trucks, and cars with relative ease
  • Very good for removal and replacement of transmissions and differentials
  • Designed to be stable and have better longevity than the normal industry requirement

Compact and inexpensive

This is a cheap model which is available for only a few dollars. This model is usually the best one when you are buying or own a small car. The shape resembles a rhombus. One of the four sides lies on the floor. Two long sides are connected with a threaded rod. There is a crank attached to this pole. If the crank is moved manually, the vehicle raises or lowers. The jack works on the so-called toggle principle. Due to a low path ratio, there is a greater power transmission, so that a manual operation is given. The downside is that manual cranking has to be done over a longer period of time, making it harder for the user. The advantage of this kind of floor jack model is that it can be used quickly due to its compact design. So you should not find it difficult at all to use if you have got limited space in your garage. And despite being a small floor jack, it would still be good to use for larger vehicles as well.

A versatile floor jack

Jacks are used both in the private sector as well as in workshops. Almost every car in the factory is equipped with a jack. This ensures that a puncture can be repaired immediately. But not only cars, but also larger vehicles such as vans or trucks usually have a jack. Since the vehicles are different weight classes (a car has less weight than a truck), different models are produced for the respective requirements.

How to use the Powerbuilt Triple Jack Lift

If a jack, no matter which variant, incorrectly attached to the vehicle, this can lead to serious damage to the vehicle or people. For this reason, proper use is of great importance. Primarily a flat surface should be the ideal spot to use this floor jack. Dirt roads, rough roads or spots near potholes are unsuitable places to lift a vehicle by means of a jack. It could be that the jack tilts or the vehicle slips off the jack.

To correctly position the jack on a vehicle, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Each vehicle has a manual, which contains clear instructions for the jack. If the vehicle is jacked up at an unsuitable location, the material may give way and the jack may not be properly stable. It is also important to ensure that the jack can lift the weight of the vehicle. Information on this can be found in the vehicle registration document under the paragraph Total weight of the vehicle. The jack must be able to lift the total weight of the vehicle.

If the jack is correctly attached, the wheels resting on the ground must be secured. For this purpose, wedges, wooden blocks or larger stones are suitable. Only now can the vehicle safely raised, the breakdown eliminated or the repair carried out.

Easy to use:

Fortunately for you, the Powerbuilt Jack is very easy to use. It is very simple to set up, and you can quickly start using this jack right away if you need to. Its ease of set-up is one of the features for why it is such an awesome floor jack.