When migrating your website from your present host to a new host, all you to worry about is the DNS (Domain Name System) setting and not transferring the domain registrar. On the modification of these name server settings, where the domain was registered or the offshore domain registration or was not changed. You just communicated with the registrar that you have redeployed your data to the server of a new host.

Many webmasters have migrated between two hosts. It is important that you aware of the fact that during this migration to a new web hosting company the domain is not involved. The migration involves just the transfer of your data from the server of the previous host to the server of the new host. It is important you inform the internet that your domain name does not link to the previous host anymore but rather the new host.

There are requirements you are expected to meet if you intend on migrating your domain name to a fresh offshore domain registration service provider.

  1. The registration of your domain name has been established for at least 2 months and your financial records are straight.
  2. The registered domain name does not have a registry lock to it and is not involve in any domain dispute.
  3. The domain name is not expired and the expiration is not due within 10 days. In case the domain name is expired or about to expire, it is important that you renew your contract with your present/current registrar before considering a migration to a new registrar. In addition, migration will not be possible for 60 days if the domain expires.
  4. The e-mail address details provided during the registration is a valid e-mail address.
  5. An authorization code should be obtained from your present registrar to migrate your domain to a new host.