Water slides for domestic use are portable, movable and come with a simple setup. Some brands and types in this class may state that they only have the capacity to hold up to six kids at a time. This implies that their maximum weight capacity would be around 600 pounds. Since the weight of an inflatable is around 50 pounds or less, making it possible for a single person to be able to set up the inflatable water slides without needing any support or assistance. A lot of residential water slides will function properly with a normal garden tube.

Commercial water slides can also be used for general purposes. They are usually bought by hiring companies or businesses which deal with hosting of big events or occasions which may cost a large amount of money. They have the capacity of hosting lots of adult at a time and contain numerous slides incorporated into the design. Lots of them will still function properly with a standard garden tube. When compressed, some might weigh 150 pounds and above, so you will need about 2-3 people to set them up.

You will need a regular flow of water if the product is used as a water slide. If there is no full coverage of water, some skin injuries related to carpet burn might occur.

The two kinds of inflatable water slides usually come with a nonstop air blower for a safe use. A lot of the blowers which come with this kind of product will need a 220/240 outlet for effective usage. This implies that you might need new connections to your installation system or buy a generator which can serve as a source of power.

Lots of inflatable water slides have at least a 1-month warranty in case of workmanship issues and defects. Some might also have a warranty of about 1-3 years. At the point of sale, some producers might offer an optional warranty that can be of any length.