You’ve been working hard on finishing your indie film. You deserve a little break every now and then with a cup of tea! A tea can help you rejuvenate and fuel your body so you can work harder and finish your film on time. However, if you want to save the cost of buying tea every now and then, you might want to invest in a tea kettle. Here are the following factors to consider in buying tea kettle.

Consider the capacity

First off, you should consider the capacity of the tea kettle. Since you are going to bring the tea kettle to shooting, you might want to choose a smaller tea kettle but big enough to serve up to 3 cups for your comrades who might want to have some during break. But if you wanted to invest in a tea kettle that you can keep at home after the film is done, then opt for larger tea kettles that obviously provides larger capacity as well.

Consider the materials used

You should also take into consideration the materials used in tea kettles. It cannot be denied that tea kettles made out of plastic are far cheaper than those that are made out of aluminum steel and metal.

However, if you want your investment to last, you should opt for the latter option. Tea kettles that are made out of high-quality materials will last for a longer period of time.

Consider the features and options

There are some tea kettles that have additional features and options provided such as keep-warm option. It would be very convenient for the user if the water is still warm after it is done boiling. There are some models of tea kettles that can keep the water warm for 30 minutes up to an hour.

Of course, since you and your staff are busy around, it would be very convenient and hassle-free for you having a steaming cup of tea every time you sit down for a little break.

Safety features

Always remember that you are not going to use the tea kettle at home wherein anyone can shut it off. All of you are busy for the shooting. As much as possible, you should choose a tea kettle with an automatic shut off option that will help you to decrease the risks of fire in the field.

The last thing that you wanted to experience is getting all your hard work burned into ashes by buying a cheap and poor quality tea kettle.

Now that you know the factors to consider in looking for the best tea kettle, you should start shopping now! Why don’t you check out this tea kettle reviews, it will give you an idea on the best tea kettle to buy especially if you are planning to order online. Tea kettles are convenient and a handy item that you should consider investing especially during your busiest days.