Facetti dentali is very important, especially for young kids who are oblivious to the consequences of having bad teeth. Hence, you should make sure that you protect and maintain the oral health of your child all the time. Here are the following tips that can help you to keep your children’s teeth healthy and vigorous.

  1.    Replace the pacifier regularly

If your child is still using a pacifier, it will help a lot if you check it regularly if it’s still in good condition to use. Pay attention to the nipple end. Once it starts to brittle, it will not only increase the risks of choking your child, but it can also spread bacteria inside the mouth as well.

  1.    Choose the right toothpaste

You should know that some adult toothpaste can potentially damage the teeth of a child. Hence, you should make sure that you choose the right toothpaste for him. Avoid toothpaste that contains strong abrasives in cleaning the stains of the teeth. Make sure that it’s minimally abrasive to ensure that the tooth enamel will not be stripped away. Always remember that once the tooth enamel is removed, it cannot be replaced anymore.

  1.    Avoid bedtime bottles

If you are going to provide a bedtime bottle for your kid, it can increase the accumulation of cavity inside the mouth because of the acidity of milk or juice. Most parents do not know about this leading cause of bad teeth. Hence, if you are going to provide a bedtime bottle, you should consider providing water only and nothing else.

  1.    Invest in a proper helmet

For parents with children interested in sports, you should consider investing in a proper helmet. It should be big enough to cover the face, neck, and mouth. Also, it should be made out of durable material to ensure that the teeth are protected inside. A mouth guard can also be worn during the game to decrease the damage should your child accidentally bump his mouth into other player or during an incident.

  1.    Provide dental basics

You should also make sure that your child has a clean handkerchief with him whenever he goes to prevent the bacteria from entering his mouth. A gauze can be useful to stop the bleeding if there are any dental damage. Ibuprofen can also help in lessening the pain if your child is experiencing excessive bleeding and too much pain with the loss of his teeth. Make sure that you do not touch the root because it can cause complications to reinsertion of teeth later on.

Now that you know the following tips in making sure that your child’s teeth are strong and healthy, you should incorporate it into your daily routine. Facetti dentally is very important, but unfortunately, most overlooked as well. Taking care of the teeth of an individual while they are young can result in beautiful teeth later on in life as they grow. Help in building the confidence of your child by helping him to achieve pearly whites and minty breath.