1. What is this site all about?

The goal of our site is to provide all sorts of information about independent films. That includes news about films, filmmakers, etc., as well as actors/actresses. We hope to function as your only source for information about independent movies.

We know that there are various websites online that include information about independent films. However, our goal is to provide a comprehensive source that includes all the news and info you’d need in one location. This is a plus because it means you won’t have to browse several sites to find the information you’re looking for. Instead, you can find everything you need at one site. This makes it easier for you since you can save time and effort.

  1. What fees do you charge to access your site?

Our site is 100% free. We offer it as a free service because we believe that independent films themselves are something that should be shared with the world.

This is a different approach from Hollywood blockbusters that are often made to earn $1 billion. We believe that the approach of indie films is different. The focus should be on the artistry of the filmmaking itself. That’s why we don’t charge any money to access the content on our site. We hope that you enjoy browsing it and reading fresh content about indie films.

  1. What information do you provide on your site?

We provide information about old and new indie films. For example, you can watch the trailer for a brand new indie film, or read a review from an older film made decades ago. We also have news about upcoming new independent movies if that’s what you’re looking for.

We hope to provide a cornucopia of information so you can find everything you need at one site. That’s why our site has several categories you can browse. That includes Top Indie Films, Links to other sites, Film Index, and others.

This is what makes our site different from others. We provide a full range of news and information about indie films. You won’t have a need to visit other sites because we have everything you’d ever need in one place.

  1. Do you have social media accounts?

Our site actually has multiple social accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and others. This makes it easier to follow our site and get notifications about new films and content. If you want to make sure you have all the latest news and info on our site then it’s important to connect with our social accounts. This will allow you to follow our site 24/7 and you won’t miss a thing.

  1. How often do you update the site?

We do that frequently whether it’s an upgrade for the design, content, etc. Like other industries the indie film industry is constantly changing. That’s why we also update our site so you can get all the freshest news and info about the indie film industry. That, in turn, will help to keep you informed with updates about future movies, for example.