Are you one of the individuals that are already importing from China or perhaps you are one of the individuals that you thinking about sourcing your goods from China? Whether you will be doing it via air or ocean freight, it is important that you have in mind the vital aspects and certain knowledge. There is a compiled list of what you need to look out for if you are considering issues that are perilous to the realization of your China import campaign on the official Sourcingbro website.

  • When importing from China, it is important that you investigate the specific regulations and rules.

When you have a specific product imported, you need to take your time to research the rules and regulates which you will have to comply with, just so that you do not end up having problems with the authorities. The most important rule will be dependent on the type of product you are importing. For any import, this is a requisite, but in the case of China, you will need to be clear on the issue.

  • Choose reputable Chinese suppliers

This point is essential for various reasons. Firstly, you need to have the knowledge that the importer is solely and entirely responsible for the product that he/he is importing. Any certification and compliance irregularities with regulations can result in serious legal issues for the importer if it results in them being sued owing to the fact the product imported cause injury to a consumer.

China exports to nations throughout the world and to a lot of third world nations and of course supply the Chinese domestic terrain where quality standards of the West are irrelevant or unknown. The factory might be unaware of the relatively strict European Standards if they have not exported to the EU before or have never exported before. Therefore, it might not be a case of cheating you they may just not know what’s required to adhere to EU import regulations.

Likewise, if they have not done exportation before they might have no idea on how to adhere to Chinese Export control regulations covering such things as tax, licensing, foreign exchange etc so whilst their intentions might be nice the transaction may not succeed as they are not able to do their part of the contract. This means that they cannot convert the foreign currency at a reasonable rate, they misunderstood the procedures as well as costs for exporting the goods via a Chinese Trading establishment including customs clearance, tax and duties, transport, and documentation. These things could limit the transaction by weeks or it might become impossible to do the contract at the agreed cost and the transaction fails. However, you have paid your money and either it is still with a Chinese bank that won’t release it or the supplier has it.

As enticing as you may think that purchasing from China is, the idea of selling to the West by novice employees in China sounds just too good to be real! The end user prices blazoned all over the internet by Western retailers are definitely out of this world to a salesman on $200 cash a month or a factory worker that gets not gets not more than $100.