It is difficult for a developing country to host a fair focused on Import. But that is what China is proposing on 2018. Check out more.

The fair aims to support globalization, given that it will open space for several companies to start exporting their products to the country and to those that already export, to increase their range of processes.

The Asian country, which is expected to exceed $ 10 trillion worth of imports over the next five years, aims to open a window for countries to engage and share business opportunities.

Headquartered at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, the largest exhibition complex in the world, will be divided into 2 parts: one focusing on trade show of products and the other on exhibition of trade services.

The fair will host two exhibitions, the General Trade Show and the Business Trade Show. In this second, the participating countries will have the opportunity to present their respective developments in trade and investments.

As it was called, China Expo International further demonstrates China’s responsibility to promote globalization and how the government is focused on opening its market to the world.

During the fair, the International Trade Forum will also focus on “stimulating new vitalities of global trade and creating a new panorama of open cooperation and mutual gains”. The forum will be attended by leading international organizations, renowned domestic and foreign companies and internationally known multinationals, seeking the exchange of knowledge to promote globalization along with growth to the global economy.

If you want to check out more about China’s Import/Export Fair 2018 here are some key facts:

  1. It will start in April 2018

The 123rd Canton fair will be taking place in about three months from now.  As the name suggests the import fair will take place in the city of Canton. It will also include three different phases that will last from April to May. For example, Phase 1 will take place from April 15 to 19. It includes a wide variety of items including:

  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • Electronics
  • Energy Resources
  • Hardware/tools
  • Household Appliances
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles/Spare Parts

This is just Phase 1. It’s important to learn about the different products that will be exhibited during the two months. That in turn will allow you to find the particular items you want imported from China. There’s a wide range of products that will be displayed during the time. As a result It’s critical which types of products are featured during the three phases.

  1. The Canton Fair is half a century old

The Import/Export Fair started over half a century ago in 1957. TI’s co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China and other groups. In addition, it’s organized by theChina Foreign Trade Centre. This adds legitimacy to the fair since it’s organized by the business and government sectors in China.

It’s also important to note that the Canton Fair in in fact China’s biggest trade fair. It includes the biggest group of products, biggest attendance, and biggest number of business deals. There’s also many traditions/functions that add international significance to the event. These facts highlight the importance of the yearly event. If you want to visit an import fair in China then you should definitely consider the Canton Fair since it’s the largest one in the country in various ways.

  1. It’s a huge event

There are various statistics that show the Canton Fair is a gigantic even each year. For example, here are some interesting stats from the 122nd Session. There was over $30 billion in turnover. The event also included over 200 trading countries and regions, as well as nearly 192,000 visitors. The event also included more than 25,000 exhibitors.

This year’s sessions could actually be larger than last year’s. It’s certainly one of the top events to attend in china in terms of business/trade. If your company is in the import/export business you should certainly consider attending the Import/Export Fair. It can provide you with many new opportunities to trade with Chinese companies.

In fact, China is now the world’s second largest economy following the US. This makes such trade shows big events since you’ll have opportunities to expand your company through importing Chinese products.

  1. It includes two sessions

There are three phases of the trade fair as well as two sessions. That includes a Spring Session and Autumn Session.  The Spring Session takes place between April and May. Meanwhile, the Autumn Session happens between October and November. If you want to visit the Canton Fair you could even consider visiting it during the two sessions. There will certainly be several new products displayed during the Autumn Session that weren’t available