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Why You Should Bookmark Independent Filme

Independent Filme is not only a compendium of the latest mainstream Hollywood movies, but it is also a collection of independently created films that showcase talent and skills in acting and cinematography.

Movies featured represent local and international brilliance in depicting the art of filmography in a unique way. Independent in a way that the film is shot and created without the support of huge production teams. Actors are homegrown or work pro-bono for the love of the craft, which makes the movie more interesting and delightful.

We feature talent over effects. We put more value on the story over the camera trickery. We judge movies posted with high regard on how it is created and thought, rather than the revenue it raked.

So, if you are someone who finds the beauty in the movie's storyline, then you probably want to bookmark our page. We keep an eye on latest releases that value the screenwriting over the effects.

If you are someone who frequently consumes movies but doesn't like the mainstream appetite of the viewing public, then you better save this page, because we constantly add new movies that are not found in Netflix. And did we mention, it's free.

Our main mantra when it comes to movies: The gist should be thrilling enough to be talked about days after you've watched it. And we make sure each movie we feature on our collection are hand-picked and watched by our in-house critiques.

Quality of the film, story, and cinematography are our main criteria in choosing movies that we feature and review. You will surely love and enjoy staying while searching for the best things to watch available.

Top 10 movies You Should't Miss

Avengers (2018)

The legendary heroes all set to defeat Thanos before the end of the universe.

Upgrade (2018)

A near-future technology controls life fully.

Searching (2018)

A desperate father searches for his teen daughter using a laptop.

Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018)

The movie reveals a great mix of plots and strides for accomplishing another mission.

The most exciting to watch


This so-called sci-fi story revolves around a biologist whose husband suddenly disappears and she consequently signs up for a perilous, secret expedition into a disastrous zone where the natural laws do not work. Well, she is not alone but with a team including a surveyor, anthropologist, and a psychologist.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

A young hero Thomas goes on a challenging mission whose goal is to discover a remedy for a fatal ailment called ‘The Flare’ that has taken a toll of life of his friends. To save them, his group of escaped Gladers burglarize a legendary last city, a terrifying labyrinth that is likely to be the deadliest ones of all.


A logging company owner, Joe Braven, saves his family in Canada from the threatening drug runners. After his dementia-struck father being hospitalized due to a fight for mistaking a woman as his wife in a bar, the family decides to relax at an owned secluded log cabin. Well, this is where a drug dealer strikes to use the logger’s business for his drug operations.

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